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by opijayasinghe
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Content Samurai has launched a new module within their application called “Influencer templates”. I’m not easily impressed but I seriously, this has got me really excited. Why? Because over the past few weeks, I’m been trying to solve this very problem and wow, as they say,

What you think about most of the time, becomes a reality.

So without any further ado, let me tell you what the Influence Module will allow you to do within Content Samurai.

You can create auto captioned, talking head videos with just a few clicks of your mouse!

If you're happy to watch the 10-minute video of the product, click here.

Yes, auto captioned is a real thing! I remember, last year I paid $297 for a transcription service. This one included within Content Samurai which is amazing! This is without a doubt the easiest way to create a video – especially influencer videos.

I really want to hit this home. You’ve got the option of using the Influencer Video Templates which will automatically add captions to your talking-head video, AND you can also drop clips and images over your talking head to illustrate exactly what you’re talking about! If you did with this another software like there would be additional fees and more importing and exporting going on.

Check out the brand new Influencer Video Templates in action here:

Below is s snapshot of the video template gallery. No matter which industry or niche if you’re in, there’s a template that you can use or customize to your needs.

How does it work?

All you have to do is record a video on your smartphone or webcam, and upload this video into Content Samurai. I usually use Google drive to get it from my phone to my laptop. If you’ve got Google Drive as an active drive on your Window Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac), these videos will simply sync up.

Note: I’ve noticed that sometimes the syncing doesn’t play nicely and have to push it through again when I’m on a Wi-Fi connection. Minor point but worth noting. Also, you don’t have to use Google Drive. Other options include DropBox, OneDrive to name a few.

So once, you’ve imported the video, the system will then analyze your video, listen to what you’re saying and automatically convert your speech into text! Boom! You’ll be blown away like I was; it’s actually pretty cool.

No more typing scripts out manually… No more paying for transcription services…It all happens AUTOMATICALLY with the click of a single button 🙂 Like I said, only last year I spent $297 for a sophisticated transcription service. However, you get this in-built with Content Samurai.

What does this mean?

These new Influencer templates will help you to:

  • Become an Influencer and build a massive online following that you can turn into a profitable business.
  • Launch a YouTube channel where you discuss your favourite topic or passion or consider using TikTok yet? Maybe worth checking out.
  • Quickly create professional content for your online courses without being a technical person.
  • Create videos to become a recognized leader in your industry whether this is online marketing or you’re a real estate agent.

And best of all, you can now make these new Influencer Videos in a matter of minutes – even if you’ve never created a video before! So check out today’s MASSIVE UPDATE of one of my favourite video tools, and discover how to transform your business using the power of Influencer Videos in 2020.

Final Thought

You’ve probably heard of Gary Vaynerchuk (or GaryVee) – he’s a best selling author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who’s also worked with some of the top Fortune 100 companies…But did you know that GaryVee has used captioned, Influencer videos to build his own massive following of OVER 3.9 MILLION PEOPLE on Facebook? And thanks to the brand new ‘Influencer’ Video Templates in one of my favourite video tools Content Samurai, you can now create your own GaryVee style videos – even if you’ve never made a video before! Check out the brand new Influencer Video Templates in action here:

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