What is Xen Crypto? Don’t miss the Xen Crypto by Jack Levin

Xen Launch

by opijayasinghe
What is Xen Crypto

What is XEN?

XEN aims to become a community building crypto asset that connects like minded people together. If you are a seasoned OG or simply Crypto curious, XEN has the lowest barrier to entry through its unique tokenomics. Fair Crypto Foundation is designing XEN as a universal cryptocurrency to achieve the original mission of Blockchain, following the Blockchain Tenets of decentralization, transparency, counterparty risk resistance, peer-to-peer value exchange and self-custody. Its unique tokenomics focuses on the mass market adoption with the lowest barrier to entry compared to the rest of coins on the market today.


Who created XEN?

Xen Crypto was created by a guy called Jack Levin and he does come across as a genuine guy. Obviously that comment is very subjective but for what it’s worth, he doesn’t seem to be doing it for the money. How do I know this? Xen, unlike most Crypto out there has a market supply of Xen when it launches, meaning zero coins to begin with. It’s up to you and me to Mint these coins into existence. Jack has gone many hours of podcasts prior to the launch so feel free to check out these videos online.

How to buy XEN?

You can connect your Metamask to https://faircrypto.org/xen and start minting.

Here’s a great video which will give you a walkthrough.

Why should I mint XEN?

The only way to get yourself some Xen crypto in the early days is actually to Mint it yourself. The good news is that it’s only going to cost you whatever the GAS fees are at the time. Later down the track you’ll be able to buy these from various DEXes.

What is the supply of XEN?

The initial supply of Xen will be zero to begin with. Yes, Zero! It’s up to us to Mint these coins into existence.

Where can I get a copy of the Whitepaper?

Here’s the link: https://faircrypto.org/xencryptolp.pdf

Listen to the Audio version of the Whitepaper Below.

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