Long Tail Pro Review – Is there a better alternative?

by opijayasinghe
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Long Tail Pro Review

When it comes to keyword research, it’s hard to find a more robust piece of software than Long Tail Pro. This product which was initially released as an Adobe Air application has been around for many years and the development team maintain the integrity of it’s key functions at the highest level.

Long Tail Pro is now a SaaS application. I personally found this decision to be the correct one as the software is now completely flawless. The creator of Spencer Haws and the team can now push through seamless software updates without the end user having to worry about the technical detail.


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Key features of Long Tail Pro

The Average Keyword Competitiveness is a proprietary score design specifically for LTP and which tells you the difficulty of ranking in the top 10 Google Results.

Powered by Majestic SEO, you have view metrics to determine competitive domains strength, page strength, referring domains, indexed URLs, number of links and site age.

Calculate Keyword Profitability but using a brand new feature called Rank Value which determines a keyword’s profitability based on Adsense site, Amazon site or even if you’re selling your own product.

Export Results into a CSV format. If you like toe geek out with spreadsheets, you’ll love this feature

Real-time filtering is amazing! By you setting a few easy parameters, you can cut down thousands of keywords into a handful of super targetted keywords which you’ll be able to start working on immediately.

Lastly, you can manually input keywords which you’ve exported from another tool or AdWords itself to allowed Long Tail Pro to review this data and give you analysis on it’s KC, Rank Value and other important metrics.

Understanding how long tail pro works is simple

How Long Tail Pro Works

Long Tail Pro Alternatives

Free Option

The obvious alternative is to use the free keyword planner provided by Google. This is great and is an excellent option if you have a zero budget to spend on any tools.  Unfortunately, it does lack the many valuable features which comes with premium software products.

Market Samurai

The product created by Eugene Ware, Market Samurai has been one of the most popular Keyword Research tools for many years. It is a desktop application powered by Adobe Air is available for a one-time payment of $149.00. Obviously, you can try before you – click here.

Getting Long Tail Pro at a Discount

Though many of us would love a lifetime subscription to this service, the fact of the matter is that there are ongoing costs for the development team to maintain this software. Never the less, we still want a discount right? Well, here it is. Until Midnight EST on the 23rd April 2018, the Long Tail Pro crew is offering a lifetime deal of 15,000 20,000 keyword search for only US$27.00. Yes, this doesn’t expire and for $27/ this is a great starting place.

This is what the main offer.

Long Tail Pro Funnel Visualized


The Annual Offer to LTP

For serious marketers who intend to use the software regularly and requiring a higher keyword allowance, you’ll be given the option to upgrade your order to an Annual plan.

  • 1,000 keywords per 24hrs paid annually will be $97.00 (this works out to be only $8.08 per month)
  • 2,500 keywords per 24hrs paid annually will be $197.00 (this works out to be only $16.41 a month)

The monthly offer to LTD

If you don’t want to commit to an entire year and you pass on the annual pricing, then you’ll be offered a monthly payment option.

  • 1,000 keywords per 24hrs paid monthly will be $17.00 (normally $37)
  • 2,500 keywords per 24hrs paid monthly will be $27.00 (normally $67)

The Long Tail University Special

The last offer you’ll get is a comprehensive set of training videos. Remember, this is optional and is in addition to the free Bootcamp you’ll receive with your initial $27/ purchase.

Spencer Haws and a few others in his team take you step by step through the following modules.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Types of Keywords
  3. How to Find Seed Keywords
  4. How to Expand Seed Keywords
  5. Criteria of a Winning Keyword
  6. How to Analyze Your Competition
  7. Competitor Keywords & SEM Rush
  8. Developing a Content Strategy
  9. How to Write Great Content Based On Keywords
  10. WordPress Settings & On-Page SEO
  11. Keyword Tracking and ROI
  12. Not all keywords are created equal.

In addition, you’ll get the following 3 webinars for free.

Webinar #1: Simple Tweaks To Make Your Keywords Even Longer Tail.  This is over an hour long IN-DEPTH content about using keyword modifiers to truly take your keyword research to the next level.  I honestly think this webinar alone is worth the value of the course.

Webinar #2: How to Legally Steal Your Competitors’ Keywords.  In this webinar, I share more in-depth strategies for taking what’s working (and what tools to use) for your competitors and applying it to your own sites.

Webinar #3: How to Turn Great Keywords into Profitable Content.  This hour-long webinar shows the powerful strategies I use in my business to create amazing content from low competition keywords.

If you are a professional marketer who is making decent money online already, you may not need this training. For everyone else, it’s worthwhile you making this $97/ investment.

Long-Tail-Pro-Search-Results-KC-ColumnMy Recommendation

Honestly speaking, this is one piece of software which I use almost on a daily basis and is something I could not live without. I don’t need to be a technical person. All I need to do is use the keywords highlighted in Green (Avg. KC) and the rest will take care of itself – more or less.

The entry price point of $27/ is simply too good to pass up on. Therefore it’s a no-brainer to take this offer while this Long Tail discount is still available.

This review is honestly something that was so easy to write because I passionately do love this software and I am happy to promote it without a second thought.

Producing content today without a reliable keyword research tool is like driving at night without your lights on. Sooner or later, you’ll crash and burn.

Make the decision today and invest in a quality product.


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